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The Cure For Jeep Steering Play in CJ, YJ and TJ

Finally we can cure Jeep steering play!


For as long as there have been Jeeps they have wandered down the road. Wandering along…Now cure jeep steering play.

If you have driven a Jeep, you know the feeling. The steering wheel goes two inches to the right, two inches to the left and then back again, while your vehicle stays in a relatively straight line. That is the result of your Tie Rod rolling forward and backward forward and backward again and again. That’s simply because there is nothing there to prevent it from doing that. And early wear on tie rods simply because they are always in motion. This results in torn tie rod boots because they have been flexed a jillion times in.


Not for use on Tie Rod Ends at the knuckle.

Fits 1997 to 2006 TJ Wrangler, Rubicon and Unlimited.
Fits 1984 to 2001 XJ Cherokee.
Fits 1986 to 1992 MJ Comanche.
Fits 1987 to 1996 YJ Wrangler.
Fits 1993 to 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ w/ 4.0L engine **** NOT V8 Engine (For the V8 use the original “Cure” #R1768)

When installing The Cure for Jeep, be sure to verify that the pin on your tie rod end seats completely in the taper.

Manufacturing tolerances in the pin and the taper cause some tie rod ends to seat higher or lower in the taper than others. One sign that the taper is not completely seated is if the cotter pin hole does not sit as far through the castle nut as it did with the standard dust boot. To verify your pin is seated in the taper, apply a marking compound (like gear marking compound, grease, lipstick, etc.) to the pin and tighten down the tie rod end then remove it again. Check the pin and taper to see if the marking compound is spread thinly and evenly around the pin. If it does not spread evenly, the pin is likely not seated completely. Sand down the face of The Cure for Jeep until the pin seats fully.

Depending on the shape of your tie rod ends, some filing may also be required to prevent interference’s around the lip or face of The Cure.

The Cure for Jeep is only meant to be used on the drag link tie rod end in Y-link steering. Using The Cure for Jeep at the steering knuckle/tie rod joints will not allow necessary flex in your steering system and could lead to failure of your tie rod ends or other steering components.


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