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Jeep Top – get yours installed before Spring

Jeep Top

We know…for many of us it’s cold outside but now is the time to inspect your Jeep Top to make sure your ride is ready for Spring and Summer fun.

When considering a new Jeep Top there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Function
  • Ease of Use – Installing / Removing
  • Price

Function:   Depending on where you live, your top can serve different purposes.  It may keep the sun from beating down on you, the rain and wind out and also provide security.   If you are in southern California a bikini top can be used most of the year and never have to be changed, but will definitely give you the open air feel along with protection from the Sun.   If your Jeep is also your daily driver then a hard top may be the best option as it provides a higher level of security and many have the option to easily remove the front panels for open air experiences.

Ease of Use:  How quickly and easily removing and reinstalling a top will dictate our level of satisfaction.  How many of us have been caught in the rain with our tops down only to get completely drenched by the time we were able to get the top up, secured, windows zipped in and back in the Jeep.   YJ and CJ tops are a bit more complex to remove and install but many upgrades are on the market today that allow for easier utilization.

Price:  We all have budgets to work with in so shop around and make sure your getting the best quality and attributes for what you are able to spend.

Happy Jeeping!!!!

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