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Jeep Wave

Jeep Wave

Ahhh….The infamous Jeep Wave……. For those who know of it and perform it regularly, it’s what we consider being loyal to our fellow Jeep enthusiasts as we pass by them on the road. Expressing an appreciation and comradery amongst those who share similar interests differentiates us Jeep lovers from the rest. While some may argue there is an exact etiquette to performing the Jeep Wave, ultimately as long as you wave you are good…at least in my opinion.

Then there is another question that begs an answer. Do only Jeep Wranglers (and CJ’s) participate in waving? The easy answer is Yes. However if a fellow enthusiast, who has a tricked out Jeep Grand Cherokee or a mud-laden Liberty, waves to you…..return the wave! Enjoy the trails and roads Jeepers!

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