About Us

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Our mission:

To provide a functional, fun, informative website for fellow Jeeper’s to connect with each other, enjoy as well as find great Jeep related merchandise!

Things we like to do:

Anything outdoors, but especially off roading!

Our beginnings:

CaliforniaJeepAuthority.com was first inspired in 2001 by a couple in San Jose, CA when they purchased a Jeep and then became life-long fans. They had such a passion for Jeep related gifts and items, that a few years later, they decided to develop a website with a mission to offer cool jeep and off-road gifts and accessories complemented with the best customer service to Jeep enthusiasts.

CaliforniaJeepAuthority.com has evolved over the years. We have developed some great relationships with fellow Jeep enthusiasts via our FaceBook Page and will continue to do so. In November of 2016 ownership of the website evolved and was transitioned to another Jeep enthusiast. The site has gone through a bit of renovation to update the look, feel, functionality and resources available to our fans. We look forward to old friends returning and developing new friends along the way.

0|||||||0 Thank you for visiting our site and Happy Jeepin’ 0|||||||0